Author - Chris Cloclough G1VDP

Midlands Air Festival 2023

It’s that time of year again, the Midlands Air Festival is upon us. It takes place at Ragley Hall, Near Alcester as usual. The same venue as the past few years. Once more I am volunteering there and will be taking the usual photographs and (hopefully) start sharing them on here. 

Come along if you are in the area and see the balloons and varying aircraft.

GR1VDP – Spceial Call For The Coronation of King Charles is on the air

From May 1st 2023 through to June 30th 2023 UK radio amateurs can apply for a Notice of Variation to their licence to use a secondary letter in the prefix of their call to celebrate the coronation of King Charles on 6th May. I have taken out the NoV to see if it can get my interest back in the hobby. Today (1st May) I have been calling on 12M FT8 working a few from Europe, and across to the USA. These will be uploaded to LOTW and ClubLog later along with the usual QSL route through my manager Tim (M0URX) online QSL request system (OQRS) on his website. I will be looking at the design of a new card from next week when we have some photos of this event.

So remember  to look out for the call GR1VDP on your screens or on the air and give me a call.

Enjoyment of the Hobby

So for the past few months I have not been enjoying my amateur radio hobby for numerous reasons, especially because of the behaviour on the bands. There has been much talk on forums about this from some people who are very knowledgeable and have been in the hobby for many years. Some from new comers who are only just finding their feet and are being put off by this behaviour, and some from people who have been “around” the hobby for years but are now just starting to take it seriously. BUT no action is being taken to attempt to dispel the perpetrators or find them and have words to retrain them. 

Some of the comments have also been comical – “it’s those from 11M (CB) that are to blame” “these new licences are being given away in Cornflake packets now so no training needed” – portioning the blame from some quarters. Some of the best operators I know served an “apprenticeship” on 11M, learning about propagation, how to behave in pileups, and how to listen. Some of the callers I have heard in the bad behaviour bunch have been some of the “Old Timers” who made these comments, and some of the so called knowledgeable people in the hobby. Even some of the top dogs in the DX clubs out there. Maybe clean up you own houses boys first.

But this is not the only reason for my none enjoyment of the hobby. Where I have moved to I cannot get the antennas in the air I would like, even a small compromise antenna is out of the question. And I currently have only a 10/12M vertical dipole that is restricting me to these bands – here’s my 11M knowledge coming to the fore now. But even with this I am not having the fun I used to have. As I have written before maybe it is time for me to step back, think about the hobby as a whole, and take a time out. I know it will soon be time to go to Friedrichshafen for the big show, and even that I am thinking of just going and not do the show just visit the area and see some more of the German countryside – even take a trip to one of the German cities if they are close enough. 

So if any one is interested in buying a Kenwood TS590SG with matching speaker drop me an email, and lets talk.  

Clipperton Island DXpedition TX5S

For Immediate Release Press Release #1 March 20, 2023
Clipperton Island DXpedition (NA-011)

Since its formation in 2013 the Perseverance DX Group ( has conducted five DXpeditions, logging over 340,000 QSOs. From being chased off Mellish Reef by a cyclone to living on an Antarctic island for two weeks the team continues to plan projects that create excitement on the bands for the big guns and the little pistols.

After their successful 2020 VP8PJ South Orkney Islands and 2022 TX5N Austral Islands projects the Perseverance DX Group is pleased to announce their intention to activate Clipperton Island (NA-011).

Now designated a protected environmental reserve, visits to Clipperton require a lengthy and detailed application process. Leveraging our previous experience to sensitive and UNESCO World Heritage locations, the government of French Polynesia issued our team a landing permit.

Planning has begun for an expedition January 18 – February 2, 2024. A team of experienced DX and contest operators will operate from Clipperton Island for up to 15 days. The call sign TX5S has been reserved for this project. Up to eight operating positions are planned for 160-6 meters, SSB/CW/Digital operation. It will have been 11 years since the last Clipperton DXpedition, future activations may have to wait even longer. This will be the first 60m and FT8 operation from Clipperton.

The team will sail from San Diego, California aboard Shogun, a veteran of the 2000, 2008 and 20013 Clipperton DXpeditions.

Team members include: Jacky ZL3CW, Dave K3EL, Steve W1SRD, Ricardo PY2PT, Gene K5GS, Heye DJ9RR, Laci HA0NAR, Walt N6XG, Rob N7QT, Glenn KE4KY, Chris N6WM, Arliss W7XU, Philippe FO4BM, Dave WD5COV and Andreas N6NU. Joining the team will be a scientist from the University of French Polynesia who will conduct studies while on the island.

Additional details will be announced as they develop. Please direct your questions to:

73, Clipperton 2024 Team

V26EI Antigua Island (IOTA NA-100)

This week saw the start of the DXpedition to Antigua by some of my friends from the Emerald Isle, Eire, start. The EIDX group who have gone out to have some fun on the radio and the HF Bands. Se the details below from Charles (M0OXO) website.

V26EI Antigua Island (IOTA NA-100)

11 members of the EI DX Group will be QRV from the 24th of March to the 2nd of April 2023 from Antigua Island, using the call V26EI. It is hoped to have the station built in time for the “CQ WW WPX SSB Contest”. The team will be running four IC-7300’s when fully setup and expect to operate all modes over the nine days. We hope to be QRV on 60m & 6m also subject to propagation.
FT8 Operating will use MSHV only!
Team members include;
Jeremy EI5GM – Team Leader, Thos EI2JD, Enda EI2II, Alain EI2KM, John EI4L, Dave EI4BZ, Jim EI4HH, Padraic EI5IX, Declan EI6FR, Declan EI9HQ, Dave EI9FBB


Well not posted much since the 3Y0J lads left. Never made contact with them  as they had to scale back due to the weather, which was something out of their hands. This is not the disappointment.

What is is the amount of people commenting, criticising, and when they were on air causing interference to their transmissions. It has made me think as to whether I want to stay in the hobby I love and have been a part of for over 36 years. Ignorant morons that expect to make the contact. Probably never been on any sort of expedition. And what we call armchair DXers. Yes this activation has really caused me to think about the hobby. They are all part of the “me, me, me” generation who feel they are entitled to it and do not want to work for the contact. 

And on top of that my mast falling over a week or so ago causing damage to my neighbours extension roof, luckily I only had it low as hadn’t fully set up all the guys, tipped me. I still have some kit but as I sit here I really am thinking “f**k it, sell the lot and walk away”. Maybe knitting is the way to go, or just go back to fishing and building model kits as I did when I was young.

3Y0J Bouvet Team Almost There

After a sea journey of almost 2 weeks the 3Y0J team are almost at their destination – Bouvetoya Island. They have sent messages back to their pilot in the USA expecting to be starting to get on land Monday 30th January 2023. This will be a 2 day process to get all the kit on the island and set up. They hope to be on the air for 2 weeks so we all will have a chance of working them on one mode or more. They are hoping to work unique calls, so stations with just one contact, to give little pistols a chance of getting a new one in the log – this is the category I class myself as being as I only have 100 watts and a wire at the minute. 

I have been tracking their progress, as I will all through the expedition until they arrive back in South Africa, and the image shows their position at the time of writing. They did lose the GPS facility for a couple of days, and that is why there are no tracking showing for these 2 days.

Safe sailing, landing and may the weather hold out for them. And good luck to you all trying to make contact with them. I personally am looking forward to the DVD coming out of the trip as a memento of this expedition.

Aviation History On This Day 1952

As can be seen from my photo’s and looking at the website I am an aircraft geek. So this interested me today (January 22nd 2023). This is the aircraft that has opened up the world for passenger flights and the development of bigger, safer, aircraft.

On Tuesday 22nd January 1952, the De Havilland Comet 1, the world’s first jet airliner gains its certificate of airworthiness.  The Comet entered service on 2nd May 1952 with British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).  However, within a year of entering service, a number of aircraft were lost to accidents.  These were eventually traced to metal fatigue in the airframe.  Although the aircraft was redesigned, its commercial sales suffered somewhat and only 114 examples were built.

BOAC ceased operations with the type in 1965, although many airframes were operated successfully by Dan Air for many years to come.  The last flight by a Comet was by an RAF Comet C4, XS235 (Canopus) in March 1997.  A number of surviving Comets are preserved in museums, including ‘Canopus’ which is kept in ground running and taxiing condition at Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire.

Update on the 3Y0J Expedition, Meeting, and Evening

What a fun filled couple of days it was in London. The Journey down by train was very comfortable and stress free, I sat down read a couple of chapters in my book, looked up and we were in London. The train was so smooth, image to left is the train arriving at Nuneaton (my home station). I met Charles (M0OXO) at London Euston where we got a taxi to our hotel.

Following check in, we met Nobby (G0VJG) in the hotel lounge where Cezar (VE3LYC), Adrian (KO8SCA) and Axel (DL6KVA) joined us before we went on to a local pub for lunch and a couple of drinks. Back to the hotel to shower and change for the dinner that evening.

As it was only a short walk to the restaurant we set off in a group chatting with old friends and meeting new ones, some who I had met on the air before and some of the CDXC members I have known for years. Chat soon turned to the expedition and the pile ups to come. Plenty of drinks and chat over the meal was followed by photographs and more chat, with stories of previous expeditions and experiences. A most enjoyable evening – even though it rained very heavy as we left and walked back to the hotel.

The following morning after breakfast we again met in the hotel lounge to say our farewells with the team going to Bouvetoya (3Y0) and wished them a safe journey. Myself, Charles, Dave (EI9FBB) and Jeremy (EI5GM) jumped on the underground and went for a walk around Oxford and Regent Street in London before we stopped at Eros in Piccadilly Circus for 30 minutes of people watching. Dave & Jeremy then went for a meal before their flight back to Eire, and Charles & I went to our relevant rail stations on the “tube”.




A most excellent few days indeed. More photo’s can be seen on John’s (G4IRN) page at this link.

Meeting the 3Y0J Team

Today we are going down to the UK’s capital city, London, to meet with the 3Y0J team and a few other radio amateurs for a meal and to wish the Bouvet team a safe journey. 

As the team are having to Transit through the UK on their way to the Falkland Islands on their way to Bouvet they offered a limited number of DXers the chance to meet up with them. And it also gives us chance to meet up with old and new friends for a quiet beer or two. I myself will be travelling from my home in Nuneaton by train, and meeting up with them at the hotel in London. Then later this evening we will be off for the meal in a local restaurant. Images and updates will be uploaded tomorrow when I get home.

The image above shows the first four 3Y0J operators to have arrived in London. (L-R) Pete N0FW, Cezar VE3LYC, Otis NP4G, Adrian KO8SCA.