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7P8EI Now on Air

While out in Ireland at the DX Feile visiting my Irish friends, it was announced that the group this year (2024) would be making the trip to Lesotho7P – in Africa using the call sign 7P8EI . The group left Dublin on Monday to Heathrow, then had an overnight stay until their flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. Once in J’Burg they then boarded a bus to take them to Lesotho arriving yesterday (Wednesday 20 March 2024).

Today they started their operation on 10M SSB, with more bands to follow throughout the day. Though not a new one for me I will try to work them on a few bands to fill some band slots especially on CW and Digital modes. QSL route is via Charles, M0OXO, via his OQRS system. Good luck guys and hopefully see you in Friedrichshafen in June. 

Bouvet 3Y0K 2025 & Peter 1 2026 Update

Today we have had an update posted by Ken, LA7GIA, the team leader on the upcoming expedition to Bouvet in January 2025, on the website and his Facebook page.

Bouvet 2025

Peter 1 2026

”I want to share some updated information about 3Y0K Bouvet
Our plans are firm and we have everything setup for the January 2025 trip where we plan to depart early January.
We have set all contracts we need which includes vessel contract but also a logistics and landing contract, and we’re the only group with a valid DXpedition license for that period. No other group has a valid license, as such there is only one team with an official plan and with all license and contracts in place.
However, the fundraising has been a bit bumpy and this has impacted the Bouvet DXpedition negatively. All major EU clubs have supported us with the amounts we have asked for, but some major US clubs are on the sideline. Due to this we have made the following decisions
* Bouvet vessel inspection and deposit have been postponed with two months until May 2024
* ALL purchases have been postponed until May.
* The remote RIB operation has been cancelled, there is no time to deal with that. The 7 man team will operate locally on the island with 6 radios and amplifiers and there will be NO remote radios.
* Budget has been cut to bare minimum of what we need and reduced to $400,000, we can only spend more money if we get sufficient support.
The team needs more support, and with the adjustments we still need *a minimum of $85,000 to make it to Bouvet*. We ask all individuals to continue to support our mission to activate Bouvet and Peter I Island. Our Peter I DXpedition plans are on track. We have a letter of commitment from the owner of the vessel and we are waiting for the landing permit to be issued by NPI. We will execute Peter I through an experienced expedition company with previous experience from Peter I Island. The expedition leader and the pilots have landed several times on Peter I. We expect to be in the position to sign the vessel contract shortly.
However, at this stage it is important to understand that Bouvet is the priority and should we have to postpone or cancel the Bouvet DXpedition due to lack of donations, this will also similarly impact Peter I. We are in a good position to execute Peter I as we have signed a sponsor agreement, and together with the 19 operators participation fee we have already secured 80% of the Peter I budget.
But, Peter I DXpedition will not take place unless we raise sufficient funds and activate Bouvet. We will use March and April to see how much of the $85,000 we can raise, and will make a decision in May depending on the funds raised.
We’re inviting all individuals who want to see Bouvet activated again to support our DXpedition, please visit Donation Form – 3Y0K Bouvet Island DXpedition 2025 ( ). You can also donate directly via paypal
73 Ken, LA7GIA”

New QSL Card

Seeing as it has been a number of years since I last had a QSL card designed, I thought it was about time I got a new one for myself. My friend Marcel, PD3MR, designed the front and I used some of my own photos on the back – sending them to Charles, M0OXO, for his QSL printer to design the rear. I am hoping to have them soon so look out for them in the mail if you request one.

Spain Bureau Parcel Return

Today Tim, M0URX, posted this on his website. It is ridiculous that the World Customs Organisation and IARU cannot get together and sort the issue out. 

Unfortunately we have been unable to get the latest Bureau parcel to Spain URE. Spanish customs have returned the parcel as “Missing Customs Declaration” despite the declaration being right next to the return label. Bureau system is in crisis!

We cannot guarantee the Bureau route. If you need a QSL – REQUEST DIRECT. This is happening all too often now and I reported the problems to IARU as long ago as 2017 that this was going to happen with the World Customs Organisation new regulations. Sadly there is nothing we can do. Is it time now to stop Bureau requests? Because i see no other way forward.

Not allowed to send as GIFT, Not allowed to send as DOCUMENTS. Must have value but how do you value something with no value and how do you provide an invoice if the recipient (The IARU Bureau) did not pay for a product? Complete FARCE.