Chasing DXpeditions

After not having any multiband antenna to chase DX on bands other than 12M, I finally took the plunge and bought a Sigma SE HF X-80 vertical. This arrived on Wednesday morning and with having the day off work was in the air within 30 minutes of starting. I have mounted it on a metal clothes post so the base is about 6 feet off the ground. It is a compromise antenna covering 80 through to 6M, although it does need an external AMU to allow it to be used in the recommended bands. I have found that the internal tuner of the Icom IC7300 will work and pull in the antenna on 30M to 6M, and it seems to be working well.

One of the main DXpeditions that are taking place at the moment is to Guyana by 4 young amateurs including a friend of ours, Jamie (M0SDV), and they are doing very well. They have been on all bands and have made over 24,000 contacts since starting on Wednesday (14th February 2024). Praise from all quarters as to how they have controlled the pile ups. Even my little signal has made it through the crowds, these guys are the future of our hobby and long may they continue. 

This team are not the only ones at the minute. There is also a group who are on from Robinson Crusoe Island, part of the Juan Fernandez Islands group (IOTA; SA-005), using 3 calls – CB0ZA, CB0ZW, and CB0ZEW. The CB0ZEW call is one of the latest innovations within the hobby where a full station is set up so it can be operated remotely. In other words I could sit here at home and operate using the equipment on the island over the internet. Not a good way in my opinion, but again this looks like it could be the way to go for DXpeditions to some of these remote places on our planet.

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Chris Cloclough G1VDP