TX5S Update 17th January

The following is taken from Tim’s (M0URX) website. He is the QSL manager for this expedition which will be a new DXCC country for me so I am hoping I will make this contact.

Good morning from Shogun.
The fair winds and following seas were yesterday’s news, today we’re bouncing around and rolling along. We finished breakfast a short time ago,  and while some team members are in the lounge, others decided to ride out the weather in their bunk with 2,800 QSOs in the log the /MM station was dismantled and packed away.

Landing on the island will be dependent on the weather and access through the reef. The skipper said he will put two skiffs in the water. First over will be several radio team members and boat crew. They’ll bring over emergency food / water and shelter, then determine best campsite consistent with access.  

We will arrive Clipperton early Thursday morning.
The boat crew will begin bringing our equipment out of the holds early in the morning. The skipper will take a trip around the island looking for known openings in the reef. Initially, three team members will go to the island and, based on where we land, select the camp location.
Two team members will stay on the boat to direct the transfer of equipment, first over: emergency food, drinking water, shelters, one small generator, petrol, tools, etc. followed by all other equipment.

As equipment goes over, one or two additional team members will take the ride over. The weather will dictate how many people can (will) go over on the first day.
Once we begin this process, we may not be able to send updates until the island Starlink terminals are deployed, or possibly some people may remain on the boat Thursday night.  That’s it for now. Cheers, K5GS


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