Hello all,

WOW, this past few months have been a busy time for me, and I have not been inclined to add anything new to the page. I guess I should have as I have been to a few conventions and been very active on the air. One of the conventions was a trip over to Shannon in Ireland to the EIDX Club DX Feile. I have to say this was one of the best convention and meetings I have ever been to, and already I am looking forward to next years (2024) event. 

There was also a trip to Milton Keynes to the RSGB Convention. This was not as good as previous years in my opinion, the talks were not as interesting (to myself and a number of others) as in previous years. The special interest group room had been split into 2, one in the usual place next to the coffee room and one tucked away up stairs. This sadly meant that the ones upstairs didn’t get the visitors as normal and felt that they had been “pushed out”. Maybe the organisers will think again and keep them all in one room or look at swapping the ones downstairs to upstairs. But I doubt it.

So now we start planning for 2024, hopefully we will be able to get a proper antenna in the air and get back on the air, not that I am off air just that I am only using a home made vertical dipole that is not performing as it should. You never know I may have some good luck one day and win a decent lump on the lottery. hahahahaha

Stay safe folks and good DX

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Chris Cloclough G1VDP