Enjoyment of the Hobby

So for the past few months I have not been enjoying my amateur radio hobby for numerous reasons, especially because of the behaviour on the bands. There has been much talk on forums about this from some people who are very knowledgeable and have been in the hobby for many years. Some from new comers who are only just finding their feet and are being put off by this behaviour, and some from people who have been “around” the hobby for years but are now just starting to take it seriously. BUT no action is being taken to attempt to dispel the perpetrators or find them and have words to retrain them. 

Some of the comments have also been comical – “it’s those from 11M (CB) that are to blame” “these new licences are being given away in Cornflake packets now so no training needed” – portioning the blame from some quarters. Some of the best operators I know served an “apprenticeship” on 11M, learning about propagation, how to behave in pileups, and how to listen. Some of the callers I have heard in the bad behaviour bunch have been some of the “Old Timers” who made these comments, and some of the so called knowledgeable people in the hobby. Even some of the top dogs in the DX clubs out there. Maybe clean up you own houses boys first.

But this is not the only reason for my none enjoyment of the hobby. Where I have moved to I cannot get the antennas in the air I would like, even a small compromise antenna is out of the question. And I currently have only a 10/12M vertical dipole that is restricting me to these bands – here’s my 11M knowledge coming to the fore now. But even with this I am not having the fun I used to have. As I have written before maybe it is time for me to step back, think about the hobby as a whole, and take a time out. I know it will soon be time to go to Friedrichshafen for the big show, and even that I am thinking of just going and not do the show just visit the area and see some more of the German countryside – even take a trip to one of the German cities if they are close enough. 

So if any one is interested in buying a Kenwood TS590SG with matching speaker drop me an email, and lets talk.  

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Chris Cloclough G1VDP