Well not posted much since the 3Y0J lads left. Never made contact with them  as they had to scale back due to the weather, which was something out of their hands. This is not the disappointment.

What is is the amount of people commenting, criticising, and when they were on air causing interference to their transmissions. It has made me think as to whether I want to stay in the hobby I love and have been a part of for over 36 years. Ignorant morons that expect to make the contact. Probably never been on any sort of expedition. And what we call armchair DXers. Yes this activation has really caused me to think about the hobby. They are all part of the “me, me, me” generation who feel they are entitled to it and do not want to work for the contact. 

And on top of that my mast falling over a week or so ago causing damage to my neighbours extension roof, luckily I only had it low as hadn’t fully set up all the guys, tipped me. I still have some kit but as I sit here I really am thinking “f**k it, sell the lot and walk away”. Maybe knitting is the way to go, or just go back to fishing and building model kits as I did when I was young.

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Chris Cloclough G1VDP