3Y0J Bouvet Expedition gets real

3Y0J team is currently packing at our staging site at Oslo Airport, Norway. Temperature here is around 0 degrees so we need warm clothing!

We spend the whole weekend packing, and have great progress. Soon container will be shipped.

Still some tickets in the raffle, buy one and support this adventure to Bouvet in just 4 months! (Some nice prizes to be had in here)


Kenneth Opskar “Drums are used to protect the electronic equipment so it is waterproof. All drums have been tested individually. It also allows to easily put small items into one place making the transport more efficient”


This expedition is one that is highly expected and will be a nice new one for us all, or most of us. The guys who are carrying it out deserve all our support, I had the pleasure of meeting most of them at Friedrichshafen and just wish them luck (and I hope to make 1 QSO for my first ever contact with Bouvetoya).

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Chris Cloclough G1VDP