New Images on Red Bubble

This week I resurrected my account on the Red Bubble website. This will allow me to sell items other than just prints with my images on them, for example a nice tablet/laptop case with the Red Arrows in flypast with the BA Boing 747 in the old BOAC livery, or the Fulcrum of the Ukrainian air force on a beach towel (the “Ghost of Kiev”). Many more will be added over the coming months and I will add new going forward after the shoots/air shows. I may even have some special stuff for radio amateurs on there.

Top Gun – Maverick

YESSSS… Finally got to see it tonight. And it sure lives up to the hype. The flying sequences are amazing and have to be seen on the big screen. The first “BONG” of the bell in the opening credits sets the scene perfectly, and I swear I could smell Av Gas too.

RIAT and the Week following.

Well it happened, and it was one of the best I have done. A long week of hard work and fun with friends I haven’t seen for 3 years. The aircraft and statics were a excellent mixed bag from plenty of different countries. The highlights for myself were the Korean Black Eagles, the flypast by the Airbus Beluga XL (my first time seeing this aircraft so close) the Austrian Typhoon and C130 QRA demonstration, the Belgian F-16 paintwork with the green snake, the E4B “Jumbo” of the USA, and the helicopter SAR demo by the Czech air force.

The accommodation this year was also different to previous years, being off site at the Royal Agricultural University in Cirencester, where we were welcomed and looked after brilliantly. Nicknamed by us volunteers as Hogwarts (from the Harry Potter books) due to how the buildings looked, and the bar was just like the dining room from the films. Friendly staff and clean rooms go a long way when you have been on the airfield for a 12 hour day. I must also thank all the air cadets who attend the show each year and help with setting up and on the airfield, doing the dreaded F.O.D plod (Foreign Object Damage), picking up any rubbish and other debris that could damage the aircraft.

All in all a very enjoyable but tiring week, glad I had the following week off to recharge and edit my photo’s. Narrowing down 1600 to around 80 to share, and then processing through Photo Shop to get a final Jpeg. These will be in the gallery with the ability to buy them when I upload.

Welcome to G1VDP Amateur Radio and Photography Pages

Hello all and welcome to the new website. Still under development but will be updated weekly at the minimum with news and information about my hobbies of Amateur Radio and photography. There will also be a Gallery of my images, with an option to purchase the image on a variety of mediums (Canvas, Poster, framed or unframed) via an external site that will be linked. 

There will be news about my local radio club, my old radio club in the North, the RSGB, and DX News on DXpeditions, IOTA activations, & New Products I think will be useful. If possible, and with permission from the authors, I will include websites and information from their sites. 

So for now thanks for looking, and please keep an eye on the site.