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Royal International Air Tattoo looms

WOW, that has come around quick. 3 years since the last one due to COVID and all the restrictions we will soon be on our way to Fairford and RIAT for a week of fun and aircraft.

This is the biggest air show in the UK and is another I volunteer and work at. It has aircraft from around the world attending, not just flying but also on static display, with the chance to meet the aircrews and have photo’s taken with them. It also means I will see friends that I have not seen for 3 years, enjoying a cold beer and fun with them. Seeing the team I work with and again having fun with them while still enjoying my photography hobby, yes if previous years are anything to go on I will have somewhere in the region of 2000+ images to sift through and choose my favourites (they will appear in the gallery in the week following).

Most days are almost sold out so get in quick if you think you would like to attend this event, that’s how I started by visiting the show and then volunteering

Junction 28 Rally

Today, 12/06/2022, I attended my first radio rally in over 3 years – the Junction 28 Radio Rally. And what fun it was, meeting old friends and new. I was there in my capacity of Beyond Exams Coordinator introducing attendees to the Brickworks scheme. Hopefully we have drawn some interest, and we will get some new clubs signing up, see the Brickworks pages of the RSGB website for full information.

The image shows a partially full hall, with some of the first visitors looking at the stalls.

Weekly IOTA Update

Again we are sharing the calendar from the GPDX Groups Facebook page. Remember to keep an eye on these expeditions and work them if you can.

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GQ1VDP Jubilee Call Update

Just a quick update on how the GQ1VDP call is going. I have been exclusively working on FT8 for now, maybe some RTTY next week before I go to Friedrichshafen. 

So after just a few days, and getting on air around my work schedule, I have made over 300 contacts using just 100w from my TS590SG into a Dual Beam Pro at 20ft – it still amazes me how well this antenna works. The contacts range from across Europe to the Middle East and Asia, North and South America. 

Keep looking for me around the usual FT8 frequencies, and on the RTTY frequency around 14088/21088 give or take QRM.

GQ1VDP – Special Call for Queens Platinum Jubilee

Well I have returned from the Midlands Air Festival absolutely shattered but having had a fantastic time and so much fun, making new friends and renewing old friendships. But it is now time to start with the special call for our Queens 70 years as our Monarch. I will be operating on digital modes using GQ1VDP until 30th June 2022, with a short break to visit Friedrichshafen. Please listen out for me and give me a call. Please follow the instructions below and on for details.

DO NOT SEND GQ1VDP THROUGH THE BUREAU!!!!! Follow route below ONLY! Any cards sent through the bureau will not be collected.


DIRECT QSL REQUIREMENT – Important. QSL requirements are US$2 or 1 x IRC.

BUREAU QSL REQUIREMENT – NOTE : Request it! don’t send it! Use my OQRS. Thank you!
If you require a QSL via the bureau please click link above send your QSO details and request a QSL to be sent via the bureau.

Please DO NOT send your QSL Via Bureau, USE THE OQRS LINK ABOVE

All information you will find on our daily blog at WWW.G1VDP.COM